No Year Type of Report Title Place of publication Number of Pages Author(s) Report Supervisor(s) Abstract Full text
1 2004 Technical Germination trials and establishment success of Leucaena leucocephala in community alley-cropping systems in the Mouanko area of the Douala-Edea Reserve, Cameroon.  National Water & Forestry School, Mbalmayo 33 Agharih, E.A.  Dr. AJONINA Gordon NWUTIH Abstract Full text
2 2012 Master Reducing tropical deforestation and degradation: Evaluation of susistence agro-forestry systems around Korup National Park, Cameroon University of Buea 145 Ngoh Michael Lyonga George B.Chuyong; Eneke E. Bechem Abstract Full text
3 2013 Master Diagnostiquer et caractériser les différents systèmes agroforestiers dans la partie basse du fleuve Sanaga University of Yaounde I Nguedia Therese Daline Dr. AJONINA Gordon NWUTIH Abstract Full text
4 2013 Master Dégradation forestière et agriculture: évaluation de l’impact de la couverture végétale des arbres sur la productivité agricole dans les agro forêts du futur parc- national de Douala-Edea, Cameroun University of Yaounde I Dmapo, W.J.  Dr. AJONINA Gordon NWUTIH, Dr. PIAL Annie-Claude Abstract Full text
5 2014 JP Aqua-forests and Aqua-forestry: Africa.   Encyclopedia of Natural Resources DOI:10.1081/E-ENRL-120047504 Taylors Gordon N. Ajonina and Tomedi Eyango, M Abstract Full text