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The Academic Council of the Commonwealth University in Kigali on November 22, conferred the honorary title of Doctor of Wildlife and Conservation Management (Honoris Causa) to Dr. Gordon Ajonina, Coordinator of the Cameroon Wildlife Conservation Society (CWCS).  In receiving this award,  Dr. Ajonina goes down as the first Cameroonian and conservation biologist from the Congo Basin to earn such a prestigious distinction from the distinguished British university. 

The University said it was in recognition of Dr Ajonina’s invaluable contributions and achievements in nature conservation and mangrove ecosystems protection in particular. For the past 23 years, Dr. Ajonina has worked tirelessly to protect mangroves and wetlands in Cameroon. He has carried out extensive field research in mangroves forest and wetlands management across Africa. He is the author and peer reviewer of several scientific articles, and contributed and co-authored several books on the subject matter.

 A vibrant advocate for nature protection, Dr. Ajonina heads the Cameroon Mangroves Network, a consortium of over 40 CBOs campaigning and advocating for protection of mangroves and wetland ecosystems in Cameroon.  

A talented university lecturer, the laureate has groomed more than 1000 students. He is associate senior professional and trainer since 2009.

Reacting to the recognition, Dr. Ajonina said: “I was pleasantly surprised by this very exceptional distinction. This is a testimony of the hard work we have accomplished for almost three decades.  Cameroon Wildlife Conservation Society is more than committed to conserve nature, especially mangroves and wetlands in Cameroon for the wellbeing of people and nature.”